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Our commitment to accuracy, reliability, quality and service is what will make Elektrorent stand out for you. We specialize in temperature, dimensional, electrical, electronic, gas detectors, moisture analyzers, torque, analytical, and pressure equipment.

We   are   consists   of   energetic and      experience      person. The passion to support the customer is made possible because Elektrorent is fortunate to have the best specialist staff in the industry. Their skills and culture continue to grow through the great work of our in-house training academy, who, along with the product manufacturers, ensure our knowledge to support the customer is to the highest level

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Why Rent ? Renting test & measurement equipment can reduce cost and maintenance. It can be a quick and convenient way to get a functional, tested and calibrated (when appropriate) unit with regards for capital requirements, inventory controls, maintenance expenses, and, frequently, at a lower cost for the project than buying a unit.